Expanded Draught is an international artist collective.It was founded in Galway city in 2006. From Galway it has expanded, to Dublin, England, Canada, Korea, America: Maryland, Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Ohio, New york, Colorado, Tennessee, Oregon, and Georgia. We have exhibited collaboratively in both America(LA) and Ireland; our aim is to continue our expansion  and to show our work further afield. We are committed to the support of artists in the creation of high quality dynamic art works. We promote collaboration and the sharing of information, skills and knowledge through a series of workshops, talks, discussions and exhibitions.

We aspire to create a platform for diverse artists to showcase their work and form relationships with artists from various countries around the world, creating large scale individual /collaborative works, interactive and inclusive projects using both unconventional and conventional spaces. Expanded Draught currently has 23 members.  Each member offers a wide range of knowledge in terms of material fabrication and perspectives on concept.

One of our primary aims is to create partnerships between 3rd level educational institutions and the Expanded Draught art collective to develop a program of lectures, tutorials and workshops to interact and share knowledge with young artists and students. Creating a comfortable environment for both art students and the public to share skill sets and information.


2013,   C-Cam, GMIT Talk


2010,  Christian Street, Hello Neighbour Talk

2009,   Thibideaux, Nichols State,Louisiana

 2009,   Louisiana State University, USA Professional Practice Talk

2009,   Galway Arts Centre Talk 003D Professional Practice Talk