Allison Regan


Allison Regan is a Contemporary visual artist/curator,and tutor currently living in Galway City.Having recently graduated from a three year MFA in sculpture and acting as professor of record at Louisiana State University, USA, she is now making work in Galway. From 2011 to 2012 she was on the Board of 126, an Artist run gallery, While acting on the board she and other board members facilitated a New Orleans exchange with the Good Children Gallery in August 2012. During this time she was also on the board of Directors for the TULCA Arts Festival. She has exhibited her work, both nationally and internationally, showing as an individual artist and collaboratively as part of Expanded Draught; a multidisciplinary artist collective she Co-founded in 2006. She received the Michael Doherty Award in 2009. Recent exhibitions include ‘Houses Move houses speak’, Baton Rouge Louisiana,in 2011,’Everything must’ 2010, in the Good Children Gallery in New Orleans LA and Hyperopia 2012, Clifden, Co. Galway for The Clifden Arts festival.

Website link: (The website is still under construction, but can still be viewed as is.)

Statement of work:

My work refers to cycles, unity and the repetitive nature of thought, actions,  and patterns, how the unique needs we seek to satisfy, with our physical spaces are rooted in our past experiences. Our feelings about place are rooted deeply in those experiences and can affect our perception or ideals .How does our past play in to our future? The level of importance of significant things in a persons life fluctuate depending on past experiences.These experiences play directly in to our criteria for assigning new levels of meaning to notable events in our lives- creating segues towards a change in ideals.