Drawing Rooms

March 2007, Galway City

This was a collaboration between members of Expanded Draught, various DJ’s and the general public. It took place between 10am and 10pm on Sunday 9th of march,above the Bierhaus, No 2 Henry street, Galway.

We covered all walls and floors of this three room space with paper and provided materials- pens, pencils, markers, tape, paint- alongside overhead and digital projectors, scanners, laptops, printers, digital and video cameras. Our aim was to cover every surface with drawing, static images and visuals during a twelve hour period.

We wanted to create a relaxed and welcoming environment for people to work, and music was provided throughout the session from a wide variety of DJ’’s playing everything from Jazz to minimal house.

Cyril Briscoe, a well known DJ the SISI duo (110th street, badger), Started the day. Cyril is also an audio visual tutor in Cluain Mhuire, Galway. His aim was to try and create a soundscape of sorts using clock radios, samples, records and live inputs and the result was drawing with sound. After the event Cyril made a piece inspired by the drawing rooms simply entitled “The Drawing Rooms” and we will use this as the soundtrack to a video documentation of the event. All in all an estimated 150 to 200 people passed through the space, most taking part in some way, others just viewing the drawing in progress and enjoying the music and refreshments provided.

In the end we achieved what we had aimed to do, to transform an empty white space into one almost entirely covered in drawing, collage and colour. An added bonus was the unexpected sense of community and sheer fun of the day.


Expanded Draught


“The Drawing Rooms”

Sponsored by Bierhaus and iSupply



Written by Paul Mc Connell:

 Collaboration. Innovation. Fusion. Inclusion. Take your pick.

 “The Drawing Rooms” is the latest enfant spectaculaire of Galway-based art collective Expanded Draught. Encompassing all disciplines, independently funded but open to the public at large, this ingenious installation compromised of a three room space being layered floor to ceiling in artists paper, with doors open for a twelve hour period in March of this year. The main theme was inclusion – whatever your skill, discipline or interest you were welcome –  as an active participant or merely for a gander – at the collective experimentation. For those eventful 12 hours – as sounds from some of Galways finest DJ’s including Cyril Briscoe (SiSi.Tv), Deviant (Scratch Commnity Games) and 091 (Conor Lynam and Paul “Tiddlerz” Tidghe) filtered through the rooms –  the bare space became an arms-open community:  peppered with diversity; seasoned with innovation; and served with enjoyment.