Dukes Of Decent Showcase

A collaboration between Allison  Regan , Joanne Dolan and Dukes of Decent.

Written By Joanne Dolan:

The dukes of decent were a band based in Galway and have been involved in expanded draught since early 2008. Allison Regan and Joanne Dolan are the founders of Expanded Draught.

At one of expanded draught’s meetings, members of Dukes of decent expressed an interest in putting on a one off gig in an empty space. The band were working on a one hour set of songs that segued into one another, and they were interested in having visuals to accompany the music. Allison and I decided that we would be interested in exploring this and went along to a number of the bands rehearsals. We initially discussed editing video specifically for the music being played but in the end decided that a more organic approach would be better. Allison and I created and edited our visuals separately as we were interested in seeing if they would sync up on a purely accidental level. When we did bring the two separate pieces together, the most surprising thing was that we had both used a lot of mirrored images, fast paced shots and high contrast images. The major difference being the use of colour, with my visuals being intensely colourful and Allison’s being more subdued. We both used various speeds to aid synchronisation of video and sound.

On the night of the performance we set up two digital projectors, one in each corner and projected the two separate visuals on all three walls around the stage. We also placed some white boards on various stands on the stage to highlight and bring focus onto the band. The invited audience reacted well to both the music and the visuals, and the feedback in the main was that both the music and visuals worked extremely well together, with both elements enhancing the other. We are currently cutting a video to one of the bands tracks using the visuals and video of the performance.