Gumbo: A Collaboration of People and Pulp

Opening on October 19th 2013 in Saint Louis Missouri, USA

Curator: Megan Singleton

Gumbo: A Collaboration of People and Pulp

 The exhibition Gumbo is a collaboration of artists across borders utilizing postal communication and the process of paper making as a means of connection.  Sixteen artists from the U.S., Ireland, and England were invited to submit at least 4 oz. of fiber that was derived at one point from a natural material. Artist and curator, Megan Singleton then transformed this material into ten pounds of “Gumbo Pulp”. Materials that the artist chose to submit ranged from sentimental to banal. For example, old work shirts, cut up prints and bank statements, a shredded phone book, hair from lost relatives, palm leaves, journal entries, old maps and birthday cards from ex girlfriends all became part of the recipe. This “Gumbo Pulp” was used to make each participant a large format sheet of paper that was mailed back to him or her. Artists used these sheets to make a piece of work, then mailed it back to St. Louis for the exhibition. The works made on and of this paper include drawings, collage, prints, cut-paper, and sculpture. A collaborative book will also be exhibited, which includes drawings and prints made on Gumbo paper by each participating artist: Allison Regan, Breege Hynes, Joanne Dolan, Kit French, Cyril Briscoe, Kyle Bauer, Lindsey Maestri, Cody Arnall, Hannah March and Blake Sanders of Orange Barrel Industries, David Carpenter, Danielle Burns, Benjamin Pierce, Jacob and Caleb Hauck of Zymo Sculpture Studio, and Eric Woods of Firecracker Press.
 In Addition:

Megan will bind a collective book of drawings/print/photo/collage made on the four smaller sheets sent to each artist, this will be shown as a collaborative exhibit as a collaborative piece for the show.

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