if you cut through the present, the future leaks out


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Tape-Cut ups
 (William S. Burroughs) – when you cut into the present the future leaks out.
Just as this project is expanding, repetition. Recycled information. Re-purposed information and materials. Unknown entities flowing in a steady stream.
Our most recent show opened on March 9th in The Shed, Docks Road, Galway City. Each expanded Draught member created work under the theme “If you cut through the present the Future leaks out” a quote lifted from William Bourrough’s Cut-Tape Theory. The quote allowed artist to investigate latent meanings in personal and cultural events.This was the first time we exhibited members individual work, our past projects included, large scale collaborative works in Louisiana, or community based projects in Galway. The recent exhibition showcased the incredible diversity of disciplines, and rich material knowledge of members. The opening night hosted from 20o-300 people and the exhibition held open hours throughout the month.

We set up an online crowd source Fundit campaign, and raised over our 2000 euro target. This much appreciated funding helped purchase materials, hire a photographer and create professionally printed promotional materials. In addition to our fundit campaign, we held a Bar Boot Sale in the Bierhaus Galway, selling handmade crafts, made by our expanded draught members, along with a quiz night held in the Blue note bar in Galway, hosted by Cyril Briscoe of 110th Street, Malachy Duggan, and Comedian Danny Dowling. We received sponsorship from the Roisin Dubh, the Bierhaus and a local business GYMRepair to facilitate our opening night

Détournement – Situationist International
wiki – In general it can be defined as a variation on a previous media work, in which the newly created one has a meaning that is antagonistic or antithetical to the original. The original media work that is détourned must be somewhat familiar to the target audience, so that it can appreciate the opposition of the new message. The artist or commentator making the variation can reuse only some of the characteristic elements of the originating work. The term “détournement” is borrowed from the French, the original language of the Situationist International publications. A similar term more familiar to English speakers would be “turnabout” or “derailment”.

This Show was facilitated by Adapt Galway, The Harbour Company

Adapt Galway is a coalition of visual arts organisations. These groups are working together to create a united vision for the visual arts in Galway.

Adapt Galway is comprised of representatives from and supported by Engage Art Studios, 126 Artist-Run Gallery, The Loft, Lorg Printmakers, Artspace, The Forge Studios, The Kitchen Table Collective, Expanded Draught, Angry Hammers, TULCA Festival of Visual Art and welcomes the support of other interested organization involved with visual arts in Galway.

Adapt Galway has to date identified and supports the following key campaigns:

1. The use of appropriate vacant spaces in the city centre for creative purposes.

2. The re-purposing of the Connaught Laundry as a working arts facility to house Lorg, Groundworks, a sculpture centre, residential studios, meeting rooms, offices, exhibition space and more. This can be achieved in a phased development and would facilitate the sharing of resources and information in the visual arts.

Adapt Galway @ The Shed

The Shed is a large 4,000 square foot industrial warehouse located on the centre pier at Galway City Harbour.

When you hear the words docks, harbour and shed what is the one image that springs to mind? Art? maybe not a few years ago, but since the launch of The Shed by Adapt Galway in March 2012, Galway Harbour is now a hive of creative activity.

Adapt Galway took up residency at The Shed in April, 2012, facilitated by the generous support of the Galway Harbour Company and Galway City Arts Office. A year on and it is going from strength to strength. The Shed has ultimately become a site for experimentation – for making, exhibiting and performing. The programme consists of an almost non-stop, year-round schedule of events and has, over the year included the works of some truly innovative local, national and international artists.

There are some extraordinary things happening in art in this city and Adapt @ The Shed is determined to continue supporting this. Adapt and The Shed is and continues to be, entirely run by unpaid volunteers and thrives to provide a unique platform for local artists to showcase their talents at a local and national level. Adapt also hopes to highlight the great potential of such vacant spaces around the city and how they could be used in the future. For updates and information and images on past events please check out our blog page at theshedgalway.blogspot.com

You can contact Adapt Galway at adaptgalway@gmail.com.

A big massive

Thank you! from Expanded Draught

TO: Adapt, Brian Sheridan, The Bierhaus, Ferg Flannery, The Roisin Dubh, GYMrepair, Kate Howard, 126, The Arts Centre, Sunny Park, Maureen Dolan, Lydia Regan, Malachy Duggan, Sam Toivonen, Roman Bugovskiy,Danny Dowling, Cyril Briscoe, Sarah Searson, Rob D’eath, Marie Hannon, Kit French, Joan Sugrue, John Daly, Ruth Le Gear, Lisanne Jacob, Linda Maestri, Jennifer Ruane, Eimearjean McCormack, Peter Bradley, Ann Maria Healy, Donal Moloney, Liam Boyle, Dara Lambert, Sinead Conlon, Rosanne Brooks, Martin Fahy, Rod Parker, Ailene O’Hehir, Robert Byrne, Merly Howard, Edd McMullin, Maeve Mulrennan, Denise Belle, Ger Regan, Dominic Thorpe, Eugene Burke, Katie Drake, Claire McLaughlin, C O’dwyer, Noah Scalin, Laura Rigney, Brian Richardson, Paul Mc Connell, Aoife Guiry, Enda O Flaherty, Sinead O Flaherty,Linda kavanagh, Marie Charlier, Gina Ruane, Grace Mitchell, Roisin Coyle, John Cashin, Fergal ryan, jessica grehan, Rachael mary webb, Katie Hudnall, Lindsay Hussey, Megan Nesbit, Elaine Callan, Brendan Cahill, Charlie Callan, Jennifer Croghan, Ciaran byrne, Woodies DIY Wellpark.