Project Project

noun |ˈpräjˌekt; -ikt|
1 an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim

Expanded Draught was started by a group of multimedia artist in Galway, Ireland.  As members moved around the globe new artists were asked to join. With members in the Ireland, U.K., Canada and the United States, Expanded Draught is doing just that,

e x p a n d i n g.

Expanded Draught members enjoy working together, but we’re all artists and collectively speak the same language. We want to empower people we come in contact with to be creative. That is why we have developed a traveling pop-up workshop series called Project Project. At its core, Project Project builds a platform for creative human interaction. This  online workshop invites participants to engage in creative exercises and assignments generated by ED and other community members. These small human interventions aim to reawaken connections to everyday life and each other. Some projects include drawing self-portraits with only verbal descriptions, and landscapes drawn with participant’s hands tied together (A list of preliminary projects can be found below.) These projects do not have an overly ridged structure but are accessible enough to encourage participation and diminish the physiological distance we place between one another.

This blog PROJECT PROJECT was started as a way (re)connect Expanded Draught members, and features the fruitful result of creative experiments that are meant to explore our similarities and defuse differences.

How it works: Each participant assigns a task, for each artist to complete, there are tasks set fro each month, and the information, is complied on the project project blog.

Task Examples:

  • Arrange stuff to resemble a rainbow.

  • Take a photo of the sky at 5pm local time as you exit your home.

  • Record a walk, or record a routine, or pattern within your every day life.

  • Do something every day for a week at the same each day and record it.

  • Make a one hundred meter line.

  • Through drawing- record 3 different types of movement.


Project Project Traveling Workshop: Ongoing

Workshop locations would vary from educational institutions to unconventional community spaces with the objective of connecting with a diverse audience around Ireland. For example ED members would host workshops at local universities like GMIT, NCAD, Dun Laoghaire, Sligo college of art ,Limerick college of art. etc and conventional art spaces like The Shed (Galway) and vacant storefronts and public parks in cities around Ireland. We would use social media like Facebook and Twitter to create avenues for participation. In conjunction with the traveling workshop series Expanded Draught would develop a website to collect and document the results of each workshop and pop-up location. Because Expanded Draught members live in many diverse geographic locations the ethos and framework of PP will be continued in cities in America, Korea, Canada and England.

Project Project owes its lineage to Surrealist games, Fluxus artist and the crowd sharing nature of social media. However the transitory nature of Project Project is what gives it real life and vitality, because in each city the results and questions will be different.

 Project Project: believes everyone has the ability to be creative: Project Project exists both as a workshop series and on line which makes it accessible to anyone anyone in the world (with inter-net access) It is a task based project. Each new participant, completes a task then posts another task for everyone to complete, then everyone posts their result on the site.

 We have tested Project Project within the Expanded Draught collective,We realised the true potential of Project Project in that it needs a variety of participants.

Project Project is a mobile POP up museum showing a collection of diverse information from a variety of counties(soon to be a variety of countries) it will challenge the public to be makers and creators by utilizing Twitter and social Media and by having people come to the mobile sites to participate in activities as well as the pop up museum exhibition, for the show casing of the Project Project results. For our travel plans please visit :