A Conversation with Expanded Draught @GMIT

On Monday the 11th of March 2013 we will held a Talk at 12 noon in the white room in Cluain Mhure, GMIT, and after that a workshop until 4pm
A conversation with Expanded Draught : An International Artist Collective, at GMIT Monday 11th or Tuesday the 12th of March 2013
Overview of our projects to Date.
Discuss the idea of Collaboration.
Networking and Expansion.

Workshop: CO-LAB LAB
Each member of the workshop both students and expanders teach each other 1 thing. This can be elaborate as knitting or as simple as jump rope, which are each difficult in there own right, but within this simple knowledge share each person gains an insight.

Okay so now – what do we do with all this new knowledge? This is where the COLAB part of the Lab comes in.

In small groups (perhaps chosen by the magic hat =1 expander+students) we have to find out a way to knit this new knowledge together, creating a hybrid. This can take the form of performance, photo documentation, 2-d or 3-d. The point is conversations are shared and work is made.

Arrange yourself in order, images: Shoes from new to old, Eyebrows from Bushy to narrow, Handsize from large to small, Hair Length from short to long, Exquisite corpse repeat a drawing on paper that another participant draws with their finger on your back.