Hello Neighbo(u)r

Hello Neighbo(u)r, Baton Rouge Louisiana.2010.

Note from 003d Curator Gina Ruane:

Hello Neighbo(u)r will give 8 Irish artists the opportunity to live and work in Baton Rouge Louisiana for 3 weeks. The project is a collaborative venture that essentially, through process and the creation of work, focuses on an awareness of the cultural differences between the American and Irish collectives. For the duration the two groups will work together to create a body of work that explores and promotes these diversities through a variety of mediums. The notion of being placed/displaced in this foreign environment, what this means to the irish artists and how it will effect there working processes, methodologies and concepts are all fundamental to

 Audience is an important part of the overall project. Having conducted a series of talks last summer as part of the initial 003D project the two groups saw the benefits of these as both a method of promotion and evaluation.

Seven Irish artists of Expanded Draught went to Baton Rouge Louisiana for three weeks to build, extend, and cultivate a new body of collaborative works. In continuing our artistic relationships with one another we redefined collaboration, not as a pair but as a whole. Talks and presentations throughout the duration of the show played a significant role in engaging an audience and promoting the work. The show will took place in 2 houses, that are next door to one and other on St Christian Street in Baton Rouge.

Talk: We held a talk an hour before the opening in the Hair salon next to the two houses, The public were invited to disguss our installations

 Excerpt from Minds Eye Review

 “When is a building art? Perhaps the most common instance is when an adventurous client enlists a visionary architect to create a building which serves that client’s needs while creating something that is aesthetically beautiful. Yet is able to transcend those very aspects and becomes something more than the sum of its parts. It becomes art. This is a rare occurrence, something very few architects will ever heard said about their buildings.

But rarer still, is when a seemingly ordinary building falls into the hands of people, who see something special in that building and reveal the art hidden within its frame. The most elegant of these transformations occur when the building’s resident materials and qualities are relieved of their former duties and are re-appropriated in a manner that allows the occupant/viewer to see the art and the building simultaneously.”


Shotgun House

Cody Arnall
David Carpenter
Lindsey Maestri
Kit French
Jonathan Sammon
Joanne Dolan
Dave Callan

Blue House

Gina Ruane
Allison Regan
Breege Hynes
Colin O brien
Alwyn Revill
Megan Singleton
Kyle Bauer
Jacob Hauck



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