Silent Art Auction in The Bierhaus

Expanded Draught Artist Collective will hold a silent auction in the Bierhaus.

The auction began on May 4th at 5pm.

If there is anything you are interested in purchasing, note the number below the artwork and go to the booklet provided in order to place your bid. In the booklet there will be numbers corresponding to the pieces displayed on the wall and around the Bierhaus. There will be a suggested starting bid and you can work your way up from there.

The work was be up for 3 days. On Friday the 7th at 8pm we announced the highest bid.

This auction was to aid a collaborative exhibition taking place in June 2010 in Baton Rouge Louisiana, when 7 American Louisiana based artists and 8 Irish Artists teamed up to create 2 large installations in 2 real estate houses under a freeway in Baton rouge. This is Part 2 of a Collaborative project, which began in June 2009 when the Louisiana based artists came to exhibit in The Galway Arts Centre. That half of the project was entitled 003D.