Uncommon Thread International Wearable Art Show


European Press Release

Uncommon Thread International Wearable Art Show 2014: Carte Blanche Goes International with the Expanded Draught Collective in Galway City 2014

The Winning Garment of Uncommon Thread International 2014 will be invited to show their garment in Baton Rouge Louisiana which is the home of the original Uncommon Thread.Uncommon Thread International  will be hosted by the multinational artists collective, Expanded Draught.

in Galway Ireland Feb 2014 please visit expandeddraught.com


Expanded Draught are excited to announce an international partnership with Culture Candy Baton Rouge. please visit culturecandy.org/uncommon-thread

Having worked together previously in Louisiana in 2010, We are excited to begin our latest endeavour which will take the form of a wearable art show. Born in Baton Rouge Louisiana, Uncommon thread has proved incredibly successful. it until now has been a  national competition that seeks the very best in wearable art. Since 2007 Uncommon Thread has fostered a respectful and accessible environment for artists and audience alike by providing a stunning venue and an excited atmosphere to showcase talent from across the country. Uncommon Thread is a visually captivating presentation of art accompanied by inventive musical collaborations, lighting, set, design, and modern dance Expanded Draught will use Culture candy’s ethos and continue these ideas in Galway Ireland in 2014. This year’s international uncommon thread  competition will award the wearable artist with the best design a chance to show their garment in the USA Uncommon thread in Baton Rouge Louisiana in 2014,along with various other prizes.The show will take place at the Harbour Hotel on February 28th 2014, The winner will be selected by jurors Edel Ramberg (Edel Ramberg Designs, a galway based Milliner) Kat O Donoghue Make up artistry professor. The deadline for entry is November midnight.


Theme: This year’s theme is Carte Blanche, a convenient, French phrase us English speakers use when we want to give someone a blank check to do whatever they want. Uncommon Thread is applying that theme of freedom to this year’s show with the added emphasis on the “blanche” or color white. The challenge is to create a full garment wearable piece of art that is primarily white—minimal accent colors are allowed—that demonstrates the sculptural, narrative, and/or technical possibilities of wearable art.

Juror: Edel Ramberg (Edel Ramberg Designs, a galway based Miliner) Kat O Donoghue Make up artistry professor..”


Sponsor: The deadline for get your company’s name in front of hundreds Galwegians, and thousands nation wide-wide, who are passionate about supporting the arts and fashion December15th. As one of the most anticipated events of the year, Uncommon Thread international offers your organization multiple opportunities to demonstrate your value to the community by supporting efforts to pu Galway within the context of an international art competition. Find out more about how sponsoring Uncommon Thread benefits local artists and your company

Submission is open at  www.expandeddraught.com here you can find the 2014 prospectus Any questions concerning entry can be directed to uncommonthreadireland@gmail.com  Tickets for the show awill be available to buy in bothe the Bierhaus and The Galway Arts Center, The Show will take place in on the 28th of Feb 2014  at 8pm($15 admission to Show) and the afterparty at the Harbour hotel (20show and afterparty)